Thiramai, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based startup company specializing in professional Software Development and Project Management services.

Our experience and knowledge with the latest in technological innovation, software development, and business strategy development can help take your business to the next level.  We take advantage of the latest technologies to create the tools that every business needs to increase productivity and streamline critical business processes.  By taking advantage of the software development expertise and project  management skills that the Thiramai, Inc provides,  business owners can see for themselves the money saving results and increased revenue that our solutions can provide.

Thiramai takes pride in developing long-term relationships with clients, acting as trusted solutions providers for the business, rather than simply providing a deliverable and moving on to the next project.  We provide top-notch software solutions that not only address the needs of the business, but that also help business owners stay competitive in a crowded marketplace.   Whether you are looking for a solution to streamline your small business sales efforts, or need a tool for managing a global retail inventory system, the Thiramai team has the expertise required to deliver world-class software solutions that are customizable and scalable.

In addition to our extensive experience and dedication to professional, dedicated customer service, Thiramai offers the following for every client:

   Expert Software development and project management teams who are immersed in the latest industry trends and challenges

   Skilled experts in technology and business who understand what it takes to successfully complete software development projects on time and within budget

   Professional service and support provided throughout the lifecycle of every project

   Fixed Price option for some projects without sacrificing quality of work

   A creative startup environment with years of experience standing behind it

When you are ready to see how Thiramai, Inc. can benefit your business, contact our software development and project management experts to discuss your needs.  Let us show you what a difference software solutions built by the experts can make to your bottom line.